Inspire is a ready-to-go digital inclusion employee volunteering programme. 

Employee volunteering improves well-being and staff engagement. Widespread digital inclusion is more important than ever. Inspire combines these imperatives in an online learning course that culminates in digital skills pledging. 

With limited time and widely dispersed teams, it can be a challenge to provide a consistent volunteering offer which delivers value – for employers, employees and the wider community. Inspire can help you do this. 

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“We’re using Inspire to amplify our business-wide commitment to Digital Inclusion and help our people to do something practical about it.” 

 Sally Caughey, Head of Digital Inclusion, Capgemini 

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Inspire is delivered through mobile-enabled, bite-size e-learning for employee volunteers.

It unpacks digital inclusion and the importance of digital skills.

It encourages employees to use their existing skills in a highly practical context. 


The learning galvanises employee learners to make a digital skills pledge to inspire others in their communities to develop their digital skills.




67% of Inspire participants were completely new to volunteering. **


Workforces become motivated and create digital inclusion activitsts.

Inspire shows employees how to do something small to make a big digital difference to someone else.


44% of participants pledged to help others develop digital skills and confidence***.


Inspire is proven to build knowledge and confidence, and to stimulate employee volunteering.

Integrated monitoring tools allow organisations to track this at any time.


91% of participants better understand the impact a Digital Friend can have.

References: * Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index, 2021, ** Digital Unite Inspire impact data, 2021, *** Target of 25% pledge to help others with digital skills.

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Inspire delivers multiple benefits for employers and employees.  

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The need for widespread digital inclusion and digital skills has been particularly acute since the pandemic.  

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Capgemini's story

"We’re using Inspire to amplify our business-wide commitment to Digital Inclusion and help our people to do something practical about it. Inspire explains the impact a lack of digital skills can have for individuals and how we can use our expertise at Capgemini to help redress the balance. It’s motivating everyone to get involved and generating great engagement with our Digital Inclusion mission. It’s all measurable so it’s easy for me to demonstrate impact to the rest of the business. We’ve also learned how versatile Inspire is and are now looking to share it with our clients and supply chain too"

Sally Caughey  - Head of Digital Inclusion

“It’s been exciting to see how Inspire has developed profile and traction – and evidence of impact - within Capgemini supporting our Digital Inclusion agenda. We have worked hard, with Digital Unite’s support, to promote it internally and as evidence of engagement and impact grow, I am proud to have taken that initial leap as the business sponsor and Inspire champion!” 

Alex Meunier - Business Sponsor

“Inspire gives me a ‘one stop shop’ where employees can learn more about the nature and scale of the digital inclusion challenge whilst also providing a platform for my team to monitor who has done what, where and with whom. We’ve also used the tool to build structured engagement across the business. We have also created a growing Digital Inclusion Ambassadors Network, which utilises Inspire to ensure members have a good foundation and access to the resources they might need to become effective digital champions.” 

Bethan Richmond - Employee Volunteer Manager  

“With dedicated technical and project management support from DU, I manage the Inspire platform for Capgemini using my Inspire project manager dashboard. I can access all of the reporting I need in real-time, and above all it is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Inspire has prompts and notifications built into it to help me with monitoring and reporting, and more crucially to help encourage and motivate our learners to complete the end-to-end Inspire journey. With DU’s support, we’re continually interrogating, adapting and growing the Inspire platform, and I’m genuinely excited and proud to be part of this incredible journey.” 

Toby Leonard - Inspire Project Manager  

Inspire was developed in partnership with Capgemini.